Sarva Dosha Pariharam

Sarva Dosha Pariharam

Are you looking for a Sarva dosha Parihara Puja in Kerala or Trivandrum?

Here is the customized astrology solution for your struggles with sleepless nights because of not getting solutions for your concerns.

Your worries end here. Brahmsree Dr.Anandankadu Sharma specializes in Sarva Dosha Pariharam, offering guidance on Sarvadosha Parihara Pooja or addressing issues related to Kudumba Vazhakk (family well-being).

Let’s have a quick sneak peek into the services offered by Anandankadu Sharma one of the top pandit for puja.

Sarva dosha parihara pooja is performed to address the problems in your life through rituals to bring peace, success, and prosperity.

Sarva Dosha Parihara Pooja

Sarva Dosha Parihara Pooja in Kerala for your doshas

Consulting an Astrologer or pandit for sarvadosha parihara pooja will help you to live a healthy life in the future.

To get started with Sarvadosha Pariharam, people usually consult with astrologers or pandit who are experts in this field. These experts, like Dr.Anandankadu Sharma, have a deep understanding of Veda, Manthra, and doshas.

They examine your birth chart and more to find out what’s causing problems in your life. Anandankadu Sharma, with over 33 years of experience, is known for his ability to provide effective solutions to a wide range of problems.

Once the astrologer identifies the problems, he suggests specific remedies and rituals to help you get back on track. It’s not just about solving problems, it’s also about restoring balance and peace in your life.

Problems solved by Sarva dosha Parihara Pooja in Kerala

Problems about Past life sins (Munjanma papa prashnangal)

This will guide you with answers to life’s questions through the lens of astrology. Get all your past problems resolved.

Depression or unimaginable sadness (Akarnamaya Dukham)

If you’re going through the hardest time, it’s high time to get your problems sorted. Regain your peace and happiness.

Financial struggles (Kada badhyatha)

Financial struggles highlight the challenges we all face. Astrology can assist in overcoming these obstacles and leading a good life.

Mental health problem (Manasika prashnangal)

Mental health matters. No more facing challenges alone. Ananthankadu Sharma has the expertise to regain your mental health and happiness.

Family issues (Kudumba Vazhakku)

Family issues can be a source of stress. Say goodbye to your worries and book an appointment today to find the perfect solutions for your concern.

Sarvadosha pariharam; What you need to know

Sarvadosha pariharam is a special practice in astrology that helps people deal with problems caused by negative influences called doshas. These doshas create challenges in areas like career, relationships, personal and family life. As a solution to fix these problems, people perform rituals guided by expert astrologers. The main goal of sarvadosha parihara pooja is to seek blessings and remedies from higher powers to bring back peace, success, and happiness.

How does it work? Rituals and Remedies

The rituals and remedies involved in Sarvadosha Pariharam can vary depending on the specific doshas. They may include pujas (worship and devotion), homams (fire rituals), mantras (reciting powerful words), and charity. These actions counteract the negative effects of doshas and promote a peaceful and positive atmosphere.

Pujas: Pujas are like special ceremonies where people come together to pray and connect with higher powers. They do this to seek blessings and reduce the effects of doshas. It’s a way of showing respect and asking for divine help. Pujas are all about faith and devotion, believing that by doing them, people can make their lives better and find peace.

Homams (Fire Rituals): Homams involve the sacred act of making offerings into fire, accompanied by specific hymns and mantras, to counteract negative influences. The purpose is to turn negative things into positive ones and bring more peace and happiness into people’s lives.

Mantras and Chants: Mantras and chants are like special words or phrases that, when repeated with focus and devotion, can bring positive energy and protection. They act as a shield against negative influences like doshas. These words have a powerful effect, like a magic spell that can make life better and more peaceful.

Charity and Donations: In the practice of Sarvadosha Pariharam, giving to others is seen as a way to balance any negative effects from past actions, like a fresh start. It’s about being caring, helping those who are less fortunate, and feeling good about making a positive difference in the world.


Yes, consulting an experienced astrologer is essential for a proper assessment of doshas. They can analyse your doshas and can recommend suitable remedies and rituals tailored to your specific situation. It will increase the effectiveness of the process.

Yes, Sarvadosha Pariharam is believed to have the power to make your life better. It does this by addressing and reducing the negative influences called doshas. It can bring peace and success, create positive karma, and deepen your spiritual connection with the universe, finally making your life more happy and successful.

The time it takes to see results from Sarvadosha Pariharam can be different for each person. It depends on a few things like severity of doshas, how well the remedies and rituals work, and your belief and commitment in the process. So, results can come sooner for some and take a bit longer for others. It’s about being patient and staying committed to the process.

To know if doshas are in your birth chart, you need to consult an astrologer. With their knowledge and experience, they can spot doshas and see how these might be causing issues in different parts of your life, like your career, health, relationships, or family life.

To get started with Sarva Dosha Pariharam and consult Anandankadu Sharma, you can contact his team to schedule a consultation where you can discuss your concerns and provide your birth details. Anandankadu Sharma will then analyze your birth chart, assess doshas, and recommend personalised remedies and rituals.