Best Vastu Consultant in Trivandrum Kerala

Vastu Consultant in Trivandrum Kerala

Brahamsree Dr. ANanthankadu SHarma is one of the best Vastu Consultants in Trivandrum.

If you are at a  crossroads in life, searching for answers and guidance?

Look no further.

Dr.Ananthankadu Subramanya Sharma Astrologer is your beacon of hope and the compass for your journey.

Consult with the best Vasthu Consultant in Trivandrum Kerala.

Vasthu Consultant in Trivandrum

Why Do People Choose Dr. Ananthankadu Sharama for Vastu Consultation?

Tradition Meets Innovation

Dr.Ananthankadu Subramonya Sharma brings a wealth of traditional astrological knowledge while effortlessly blending it with the latest advancements in the field. You get the best of both worlds – ancient wisdom and modern precision.

Personalised Insights

No cookie-cutter predictions here. Ananthankadu Subramanya Sharma takes the time to understand your unique birth chart and life circumstances. You receive tailored insights and remedies designed just for you.


Best Vasthu Consultant in Kerala

Comprehensive Services

Whether it’s astrology, numerology, palmistry, or Vastu Shastra, he covers the entire spectrum of esoteric sciences. Whatever questions you have about your life, we have the answers.

Empowering Solutions

He doesn’t just predict; he empowers. Ananthankadu Subramanya Sharma provides practical solutions to help you overcome life’s challenges. He believes in shaping destinies, not just foretelling them.

Accurate Predictions

His track record speaks for itself. Ananthankadu Subramanya Sharma’s accurate predictions have helped countless individuals make informed decisions and navigate life’s complexities

Ethical and Professional

Trust is the foundation of our practice. He follows a strict code of ethics, ensuring that your personal information and concerns remain confidential.

Client-Centred Approach

Your satisfaction is our priority. He provides an open and friendly environment where you can freely discuss your issues and questions without judgment.

Time-Tested Remedies

Ananthankadu Subramanya Sharma offers time-tested remedies that blend with modern lifestyles. From gemstone recommendations to simple lifestyle changes, our solutions are practical and doable.

Vastu Shastra Services

Residential Vastu

Imagine a home that resonates with positivity, where your family thrives, relationships flourish, and joy permeates every nook and cranny.

His residential vastu services offer you the key to unlocking the latent potential of your living space. He aligns your home with the cosmic forces, inviting happiness and prosperity to be your constant companions.

Commercial Vastu

In the bustling world of business, your workspace is not just an address; it’s the very cocoon where success is nurtured.

His expertise in Commercial Vastu extends to offices, apartments, multiplexes, malls, hospitals, and corporate buildings.

We understand the intricate dance of commerce and bring Vastu to ensure that every square foot vibrates with the energies of success and wealth.

Guidelines for Constructing a New Home

Building your dream home? Let us be your guiding star.

As an expert consultant, he can provide step-by-step assistance, right from choosing the perfect plot of land to the architectural layout.

With the right guidance, he helps you construct not just a house but a place where your soul can truly reside.

Rectifying Vastu Dosha in Old Houses

If you’re living in an old house plagued by architectural flaws or facing constant setbacks, Dr.Ananthankadu Subramonya Sharma vasthu expert can diagnose and rectify the Vastu Dosha.

He breathes new life into your home, creating an environment where positivity can reign once again.

Vastu Consultancy for Property Selection

When investing in real estate, the right choice isn’t just about location and price.

It’s about energy. Our Vastu consultancy aids you in making informed decisions, ensuring that the property you select is harmoniously aligned with the cosmic order.